Manufacturers of precast concrete


To Who it may concern

Concretec NZ Limited was awarded the contract to produce a range of precast panels on the Eden Park Redevelopment Contract, wich was sucessfully completed in September 2010.

At the time of the award, the design was rather "fluid" as we were unsure that the shape the Architect had in mind could in fact be built. I would struggle to explain the geometry of these black oxide, exposed aggregate panels, but in the Architect's words these represent a "Rugby Scrum" and also the surrounding "Basalt Lava Flow"

Concretec willing took up the challange to give it a go and the final completed product looks extremely impressive.

While the geometry and quality of these panels was a challange, so was the compressed timeframe. On all fronts Concretec performed. What's more, they were a pleaseure to work with. They are real TEAM players.

Yours faithfully,
The Fletcher Construction Company Limited

Alan Gray
Project Director

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